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Dear Future Wife

I’d like to tell you that everything will be perfect…I’d like to tell you that I won’t make mistakes…I’d like to tell you that I will never get upset…..I’d like to tell you that things will always be easy. Honestly I cannot make those promises to you nor would I want to. What I can promise you is my love for you will never waiver. I will always cherish and protect you always and put no one above you but God. The crown that you wear as my queen will be forever honored and held to the highest praise.

The promise is that I will love you for eternity without ceasing, and never betray your trust in me.While things won’t be perfect I promise to be the best teammate with a commitment to working together with you in every way. You will never be my competitor but my companion, lover, prayer warrior, best friend and the better part of me. Unselfishly loving you will be apart of my daily routine. Effectively communicating with you, with a promise to not just hearing you but understanding you will be a part of our foundation.

I commit my all to you, mind, body, soul without hesitation or compromise. I’ve prayed for this moment to find a part of me that I thought I’d never see, a part of me that would not exist without you. So humbled, so thankful, so blessed to have you by my side to build a life, and future generations to come. I’d like to thank God first for blessing me more than I deserve in bringing us together and I would like to thank you for obeying His voice and allowing me to be your king. Perfection isn’t my goal, loving you everlasting is and I promise to do just that.

Forever Yours,


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