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Dear Good Men

Dear Good Men

In a world where society undervalues you, it is often tempting to switch gears. I’m here to tell you you’re more powerful & worth more than you know. The world needs more men like you on the front lines. Our women need you, our children need you and our society certainly needs you. I know at times it may not be popular or easy to be a good man. Now does being a good man mean that you are perfect? Absolutely not, but it does mean that you have a high level of commitment to excellence, passion for continuous growth and a compassionate heart.

We need good men more than ever to be leaders in business, community and in the home. Good men will instill values in their sons, and give a great example to their daughters about the type of man she should value and ultimately marry. This type of man will always honor is mother and place nothing above his wife but God, and has a strong will to be a leader in his household. Good men tend to know that vulnerability is a strength rather than a weakness and won’t be afraid to show that side if it means that growth will be the result from it. A strong desire to educate and inspire the next generations will burn deeply in his heart. Good men have great intentions for everyone they surround themselves with and has an aspiring spirit to be always be an even greater man than they were the day before. Consistency, compassion, hard work, communication & love will be primary principles in his life and his actions will always backup the words that he speaks. He is always focused on building, whether that be with a woman he loves, his children, business and/or community.

So I get it sometimes it can be exhausting, you feel over worked and under-appreciated but before you let his world jade your heart and mind about being a good man, I urge you reconsider. On the contrary of popular belief the value of a good man never depreciates and will always be a precious commodity. I encourage you to embrace it and take pride in being a man that’s good for the soul. Stay the course, be proud of who you are and be unapologetic about it. We need more men like you, and who better to teach than you.

Best Regards,

From One Good Man To Another


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