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Her Essence

She wasn’t what I imagined her to be, she was so much more. What I did not understand was that my imagination could not fully capture everything she could ever possibly be to me. Everything I thought I knew and foresaw was at a loss. Her mere presence wasn’t just an option but it was a necessity. There was something about her love for me that was unmatched. I’ve never taken a drug a day in my life until she came into my life. Her touch awakened my soul and her smile broke my pride.

This was something I wasn’t prepared for but I knew I could not live without. For the first time in my life the word forever brought a smile to my soul and tears to my eyes. I knew the Lord himself was working, and who was I to disobey. Everything I thought I knew about love fails in comparison to what she taught me love really is. Each day that I look into her eyes my life feels whole.

Her spirit is so divine, the words she speaks makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. I never had someone believe in me the way she does, where I once saw adversity I now see victory. Her essence and presence brings clarity to my journey and peace to my soul. She is my partner, my teammate, my best friend, my soul tie and I thank her for showing me her essence, I thank her for showing me a world I never knew existed. And I will forever be committed to giving her a life that she never knew existed.


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