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Stay Encouraged & Persevere

I don’t think you understand how much the world needs you. Giving up now will deprive the world of your talents and gifts. Lord knows the road gets critical at times, and things don’t seem like they will ever get better. Your life can turnaround just as quick as it went upside down. Your perspective on life is what will make or break you. Giving up should never be a option, you’re more than what your situation says you are.

Pain lasts for a season, but giving up lasts a lifetime. I want to encourage you to keep going, keep pushing for everything in life you always wanted. You’re meant to be movers and shakers, dreamers and believers. You owe it to yourself, your kids, your parents to be all you were called to be and more. Make a commitment to finding out what your passion is. Get excited about your future, start making plans and executing them, fall in love with process. Let your dreams light a fire so deep within your soul that it will extinguish any self doubt. The fight with frustration is real and if you let it can put you in critical condition.

Success is for you, it has your name on it. No matter what you are going through understand that you are right where you are supposed to be at this moment. Where my life started to change is when I started “realizing it can happen”. Whatever that “it” is for you it can happen for you! All you have to do is endure, stay encouraged and overcome. Easier said than done I know, but it beats cheating yourself out of continuous opportunities. You never know who’s watching you, you could be the reason why someone else’s doesn’t give up. Stay positive, be an over-comer, know your worth and understand that things will workout. I can’t want it more than you want it for yourself, so have faith, put in the work and know that you mean something to this world and the people around you.

You’re highly favored and blessed even if your life doesn’t reflect it at the moment. Just as you think you have it so bad, just know that someone else has it ten times’worse than you. Each day that you wake up is a new chance to start to accomplish your goals and overcome adversity. Don’t just stay in the game, but change the game. You’re are built for this thing that we call life. If no one ever told you I’m telling you I’m proud of you for making it this far but we’ve got more work to do. Lets get it done, it is far from over.

From One Work In Progress To Another,


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