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Love Is

Love inspires

Love is precious

Love is understanding

Love is selfless

Love is unconditional

Love is support

Love is friendship

Love is accountability

Love is communication

Love is encouraging

Love is discipline

Love is commitment

Love is powerful

Love is captivating

Love is euphoric

Love is genuine

Love is forgiving

Love is a story

Love is everlasting

Love is compromise

Love is all of these things and much more for those who are willing to put in the work to sustain it daily. Two people that are committed to becoming better individuals as well as partners each day. Love is a language spoken between two souls that undeniably have a burning desire to see forever. Love never betrays, nor compromises your morals and values. Ego and competition have no place in love. Love is having pride in each other, building each other up and pushing each other to greater heights that you’ve never imagined possible.

Love is a commitment to getting yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually sound before you invite someone else to love you. Self love and knowing your self worth is essential before you make a commitment to loving someone else. You cannot love anyone effectively including yourself carrying a lot baggage from your past. The most baggage you should bring into a relationship is a small carry on. Don’t be afraid to be alone to get to know you on a deeper level. You can sabotage a great relationship by bringing toxic behaviors from your past into the equation. Love can’t live where you won’t let it, love can’t thrive in dysfunction. Love is a lot of things but love can’t stay in a place where it’s not recognized and nurtured consistently.


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